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5 Things to Remember While Buying Dog Shock Collars

Griffin Jeff May 20, 2016 Dog Training Comments Off on 5 Things to Remember While Buying Dog Shock Collars
5 Things to Remember While Buying Dog Shock Collars

Training a dog can be difficult, and many people wonder “Do Shock Collars Work” – so we thought we’d investohate. Dog shock collars, or electronic collars, can make training easier for dog owners. You should keep the following 5 things in mind when you are thinking of buying shock collars for your dogs.

Check the distance

If you are going for pet containment systems or invisible fence collars, and wish to keep your dog restricted only to a smaller perimeter, you should look for a collar which offers control in as large distance as possible. Many of these collars can work as long as 600 yards and you can get a wider area for your dog to walk around in. However, it is of course sensible to look for shorter perimeter if your compound is not very big in size.

Dog Shock

Know the types of collars

It is important to know the main types of dog shock collars available on the market. There are Remote training collars which come with adjustable intensity and can be maneuvered with a remote. Some of these are only-vibration or only-tone options. Invisible fence collars offer warning tones or shocks to dogs once they get too near an invisible fence consisting of wires buried under the ground. Bark collars deliver shocks when dogs bark. The intensity keeps rising until your dog stops to bark. The sensitivity level can be adjusted in some of these collars. Boundary collars, which resemble invisible fence collars, use shocks to keep dogs out of a restricted zone rather than keep them within a boundary.

Check whether they allow simultaneous handling

If you have two or more dogs or plan to have multiple pets at home in the future, it is a good idea to check whether the collar you are buying allows simultaneous handling of multiple dogs. This will save your time and energy for training purposes.

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Check whether the intensity level is wide enough

It is important to look for collars with a widely varying level of intensity. There should be quite a gap between the lowest and the highest level of shock intensity, which would allow you to increase the correction level step by step. This is all the more applicable if you have a large dog which may not show any change in response with shocks of smaller intensity. With a smaller dog, you will have to use a lower intensity level in order to prevent burns and emotional damage to your canine companion.

Check whether the collar is waterproof

Make sure that the dog shock collars you choose are waterproof in construction. These collars allow dogs to enjoy a swim and play in the rain without the device getting damaged. You cannot obviously be expected to monitor your pet all day long, especially when it comes to its activities during the monsoon. With a waterproof collar, you will have nothing to worry about – not even damage to the collar from the elements.

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