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Funny Benefits of Having a Pet

Griffin Jeff November 23, 2016 Pet Comments Off on Funny Benefits of Having a Pet
Funny Benefits of Having a Pet

There has been an explosion of pet ownership in the United States in the last decade. A huge industry has developed to meet unheard of needs owners find for their pets. Pet whisperers, pet clothing designers and pet hypnotists are but a few of the far out goods and services that are now provided to meet pet owners every need.

It’s often said that after you’ve been married for a few decades, you begin to look like your spouse. It’s also, unfortunately, possible that after several years of pet ownership your skin can begin to resemble that of your beloved canine. Never fear. Take advantage of the fabulous savings offered by Groupon coupons and treat yourself to a few sessions of botox from a licensed professional and you’ll soon look younger, in dog years, than your favorite pooch.

The internet has created a space for some of the most hysterical videos of pet mischievousness. Don’t be surprised if you return home from work one day to find either your sofa in shreds or the kitchen trash strewn throughout the house. Laugh. Have it repaired and clean it up. There is nothing else you can do in the moment. Going forward, enlist the entire family in training your new family member of the acceptable do’s and don’ts of canine domesticity. Retain one of the many pet trainers available if you’re getting the desired results. Old dogs can indeed learn new tricks. Lots of patience, repetition and treats should do the trick.

One of the key points to master in training your dog is the infamous doorbell. No guest wants to be trampled with greetings from your adoring dog. While you may find humor in his enthusiasm, don’t count on your guests having the same sentiment. Enjoy your journey with your canine companion!

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