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Why Washing Is So Important For Your Dog?

Griffin Jeff July 28, 2018 Dog Training Comments Off on Why Washing Is So Important For Your Dog?
Why Washing Is So Important For Your Dog?

Pets are no less than family members. And if the pet is dog, then the emotional quotient of the relationship is surely going to be higher. It is because there is no other creature as loyal as a dog and it protects our house too. So, pets definitely deserve to be given a princely treatment for the love and bond they bring in our lives. Pet grooming, therefore, is not a way of only showing affection towards that cute member of the family; it is required to ensure that we do not lose them to any infection or mishap arising out of poor care.

Advantages of dog wash

So, if you have got the dog and don’t want it to smell bad or fall prey to diseases, including dog wash as per routine can be a wise decision. It helps in following ways:

  • It smells great and attracts lot of love: As a member of your family, dog is going to be everywhere in your house. So, to maintain the hygiene, it definitely is important to keep the dog clean and well-groomed. Since you are going to be pounced upon whenever you come from outside to your pet, will it not be great if it smells amazing? Washing dog does add to the looks of your dog and it surely can make people swoon over with its cleanliness and good looks.
  • Wash protects skin from infections: Dogs’ skin may become prone to infections if it is not cleaned regularly. Washing prevents germ and lice-build up and makes skin healthier and shinier. Your pet, anyway, has limited life span; so, let this span be full of health and happiness by ensuring its cleanliness by regular grooming.
  • Early detection of any kind of anomaly or infection: Taking a look at the dog on a regular basis as part of its grooming routine can help the owner have him checked thoroughly. This can bring the owner’s attention to any kind of anomaly with the skin or dog’s body on the whole. This helps in detecting any kind of infection or abnormality in looks or behavior right at the early stage. Thus, you can fetch timely treatment and can help it restore the health.

Some important things you should know about dog washing

Though the washing sounds a great idea because of the benefits mentioned in above section, still one must know certain things about washing.

Firstly, dogs should not be washed daily, like us. Frequency of taking dog for wash depends upon breed. If the dog is short-haired breath and has naturally smooth coat, its bathing requirements are limited. And, those with oily skin would require more frequent grooming.

Secondly, dogs can be infested by pests like fleas, etc. If the playing area of your dog is a fest-friendly place, then it should be given wash on returning from there.

So, it is better to consult the vet before deciding the wash routine for your dog. It can help you have meaningful care routine prepared for it.

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