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Winter care tips for dogs

Griffin Jeff December 22, 2018 Dog Training Comments Off on Winter care tips for dogs
Winter care tips for dogs

If you are a new pet owner you must be wondering How to care for a dog especially now that winters are here. Your dogs on the other hand might be wanting to cuddle with you in your bed or maybe lounge on their own cosy bed. Most of the pet owners feel that if their pet has fur, they can tolerate winters but this is nothing but a misconception. They also feel cold and as a matter of fact, winters could be harder on them as compared to humans. Therefore the below mentioned tips for taking care of your dogs during winters are mentioned as under:

  1. Go during the sunny time – Don’t rush to take your dog out during early mornings or late evenings during winters. Take them out when the sun shines or when the temperature is tolerable. You must try and play certain games with them in the sun like Frisbee or ball, so that they can also get their dose of Vitamin D. Try to restrict your out time during chilly times. The reason is that your dogs have very sensitive paws and ears and they are quite prone to frostbite. That is why, you must try and go out during the sunny time.
  2. Warm bedding – Bedding is something very important for you to take care of. The dogs stays warm if they have the right bedding. Use thick blankets or heated beds and try to place their beds away from concrete and uncarpeted floors. If you know of some spot that your dog likes place their bed at that location. Just don’t let them sleep on the floor.
  3. Right nourishment – Like it is mentioned that winters are especially tougher on animals so one way how to care for a dog includes giving them highly nutritious diet. Include eggs, chicken and fish in their meals. Also if possible, add some coconut oil as well. Do not give them cold food and don’t let them eat food which is getting stale in their dish for a long time. Whatever you may feed them, make sure it is fresh and also ensure that you are not overfeeding them. You need to ensure that their activity levels are adjusted as per their calorie consumption. Also keep them hydrated, keep his water bowl filled all the time
  4. Senior Dogs – Cold weather is especially difficult for senior dogs as they have health issues and medical conditions such as arthritis. So be a responsible dog owner and take good care of your dog this winter.

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